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Mobile Locksmith Service

Mobile Locksmith Services

The Locksmith mechanical digital lock is not a new design.  It has been fitted by locksmiths for over 20 years now which really speaks for its durability in Australia.  While it is not new, it has evolved and new security features have been added to the mechanism to make it more secure from manipulation attacks.

The Locksmith mechanical digital lock is great for businesses or for your home.  With no keys to worry about It makes opening a door fast.  The fast action is great for storerooms in shops and for just about every application.  Locksmith has made this lock with 14 buttons numbered 0 and X, Y, Z.   This creates a great number of combinations that are manually set.

mobile locksmiths hamiltonTo set a combination the lock must be removed from the door.  This might sound like a hassle but in fact, it makes it difficult for a casual worker or person walking past to change the combination on the lock.  The combination is set by flicking switches on the back of the lock to correspond with the correct numbers on the front.  If you need a Lockwood digital lock changed it is best to consult a locksmith for the correct procedure.

There are various functions the Locksmith digital lock is available in Hamilton.  The standard off the shelf lock comes with a 70mm latch.  The lock will automatically lock when the door is closed.  This is great for most applications such as on a house door or on a storeroom inside a shop or a shopping center.  Other functions are available to suit most Lockwood locks such as the Lockwood 001 and commercial door locks.

Mobile Locksmith technicians are equipped with automotive functions

Our mobile locksmithing service is just what you want. All of our technicians and their teammates have been equipped with automotive functions and tools that help them get around town. If you want some group of people who will do what it takes to handle your problems, then that’s us.

Our many technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t care what the time shows no your wristwatch. Our guys will rush over to your side to make sure that your locking predicament doesn’t last long.

With our 24-hour  service, you can rest assured that help is never far away when you find yourself in need of a new key fob or transponder keys. We regularly feature mobile locksmith service to Hamilton and its surrounding regions. Getting stuck out on the roads is a nerve-wracking situation. That’s why we have trained locksmiths ready and willing to travel where our customers need us most.

Mobile and Electronic safe locks

Electronic safe locks are all mass-produced and every model is pretty much identical to the next. If you want to break into a safe with an electronic lock, you just need to find a vulnerability with one safe lock. If you can find a way to open one then you can open every safe with that particular lock.

Well, this is exactly what has happened. Electronic safe locks made by major manufacturers have been found to have flaws that can be exploited rather simply. By probing the keypad or battery wires connected to the safe it is possible to examine the processes which happen inside the processor chip of the lock.

The processes cause electronic fluctuations which can be examined using an oscilloscope or specially designed circuit. It is possible to determine the correct keypress of a safe lock as opposed to the wrong key press. As each process inside the chip is perfectly timed, any variation can be measured.

You can make a tool to break into these safes very easily. As they are electronic locks the tool can be used in a matter of seconds. A bypass of an electronic safe lock requires little skill and there is no barrier to opening the safe, once you have a bypass tool.

The bypass techniques work on electronic safe locks with the highest security rating these locks are some of the most common locks used on bank vaults, ATM’s, jewelers safes, high-security home safes, and even cheaper home safes. This newly found vulnerability leaves almost every electronically operated safe very insecure.

Mobile Locksmith Services in Hamilton

Locksmith Hamilton works around the clock to ensure that the people in and around Seattle are provided with 24-hour locksmith services for homes, cars, and businesses. For all mobile services, we do have an additional mobile fee of $15, $19, or $29, depending on your location relative to downtown. Additionally, each lock that we replace or install is backed by a written warranty. In other words, you have 90 days to let us know if the lock was not installed or replaced properly, and we will send the technician back out to correct any mistakes at no charge.

Locksmith Hamilton offers fast, reliable mobile and emergency service for both residential and commercial applications. We will install new locks, make extra keys, or install a new security system with attention to detail.

We’re experts when it comes to Locks! Our large selection of lock and security systems means you will be sure to find the right solution for your needs and budget.

Locksmith Hamilton also installs high-quality CCTV & Video Surveillance cameras from quality brands. We also provide a highly secured electronic access control system from leading locksmith brands.

Highest level of front door security

What is the difference between a standard lock and a high-security lock? A reputable locksmith company can provide you with a high-security lock as a replacement for a standard lock.

Deadbolts provide the highest level of front door security. To ensure your door locks provide solid home security, choose locks and deadbolts that are pick-resistant and bump proof.

We have many mobile vans available and we can schedule one to come and help you. If you need car ignition keys for your vehicle, we can make these for you at any time. We have a lot of key blanks that are of high quality and can use these to help you at any time. Do you require auto transponder keys since your vehicle is locked and without a remote, you can’t access it?

If you are facing this challenge, we can help you quickly. We have a lot of remotes in stock and can prepare some for your vehicle.

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